Call For Papers: 50 Years of Multiculturalism and Being Muslim in Canada



50 Years of Multiculturalism and Being Muslim in Canada 

(Special Edition of RSS Journal (Inaugural))

In light of the 2021 50th Anniversary of Multiculturalism in Canada, the Religious and Socio-Political Studies Journal (RSSJ) -  a new double-blind, peer-reviewed, open access interdisciplinary journal from the Institute for Religious and Socio-Political Studies (I-RSS) - aims to provide a inter-disciplinary forum for current thinking about integration, identity, belonging and being Muslim in the discourse of multiculturalism in Canada. 

We invite submissions for this collection dedicated to critiquing multicultural narratives of belonging, equality and equity in an escalating climate of Islamophobia and secularism, as well as exploring Muslim contributions to multiculturalism. Insights from a broad spectrum of areas are welcomed: philosophy, digital humanities & media studies, history, anthropology, sociology, psychology, literature, etc. 

Submissions will be welcomed until 31st August 2021. All submissions should be no longer than 8000 words and should use 17th edition Chicago manual style footnotes (no endnotes) and bibliographic references. Submissions should be made using Microsoft Word, single-spaced with 1 inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font. Footnotes should be 10 point font and also single-spaced. Bibliographies must be alphabetized.

Submissions can be made through the RSS Journal website:

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For questions or concerns, please contact Editor-in-Chief for RSSJ and Research Director for I-RSS, Nakita Valerio. (