Call for Papers: Navigating Place as Muslims in Canada


Situating the framework of negotiating through space and transition in interdisciplinary studies of Muslims in Canada, the Religious and Socio-Political Studies Journal (RSSJ) -  a double-blind, peer-reviewed, open access interdisciplinary journal from the Institute for Religious and Socio-Political Studies (I-RSS) - aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum for current thinking about navigating and building places as Muslims in Canada.

We invite submissions for this collection dedicated to spaces (physical and symbolic) - geographical land (nations, borders, refugees, etc.) community buildings (prayer and community spaces), and symbolic spaces (like ethno-religious identity and belonging for various Muslim communities in Canada). We are interested in topics pertaining to:

  • public space, 
  • community space, 
  • religious/sacred space, and 
  • domestic space, 
  • as well as questions of belonging and “ the stranger” in Islam, specifically in relation to kinship in the midst of dis/placement and/or dis/citizenship. 

Insights from a broad spectrum of areas are welcomed: philosophy, digital humanities & media studies, history, anthropology, sociology, psychology, literature, etc. 

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Welcome to the homepage of the Religious and Socio-Political Studies Journal (RSSJ)! We are committed to providing a platform for inter-disciplinary academic research on Muslims in Canada. We accept submissions from researchers working in the fields of sociology, history, religious studies, political science, education, psychology and media studies. Our peer-reviewed journal is intended to develop and contribute to wider critical conversations on Muslims in Canada. We remain open-access as part of our commitment to making relevant research available to community organizations and grassroots leadership who may benefit from our publications. 

The RSSJ helps develop a clearer picture of Muslim communities in Canada, their issues, challenges and priorities. Muslim communities in Canada deserve deeper scholarly work than the over-represented subjects of securitization and de/radicalization offer. We  amplify the voices of Muslims through research to get at the heart of otherwise under-studied topics. 

Our inaugural special issue in time for the 50th anniversary of Multiculturalism in Canada, October 2021, will tackle questions of identity, diversity, integration and more. Call for Papers to follow soon!